General Propulsion Power

What Are We Doing In Space?

Asteroid Mining
Artist Concept By NASA

Others may explore space merely for the sake of exploring, or create space tourism opportunities.

Our interest at General Propulsion Power is more practical.

We intend to develop ways to access and utilize natural resources found in space.

Asteroid Mining:  

There are natural resources abundant in space, some found in asteroids and nowhere else, which are rare on earth.  Humans are developing the ability to capture small asteroids and mine their minerals.  Developing cost effective methods of doing this is the current challenge.  Our work will focus on rocket propulsion power to get rockets into to space and bring them back.

Early Stage Team Building Project. has been launched by an engineer and visionary working on several interesting projects which make him uniquely qualified to develop effective, profitable space mining projects.

This website is intended to share news about potential opportunities and  invite interested persons to reach out.

The intended result is the startup and launch of an asteroid mining company.

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Nasa Artist Concept: – another version existion on the web, Public Domain,